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About Us

Sekurus International® is a company focused on asset management, protection and tracking and their needed support systems and solutions. An award winning company and its strategic alliances bring a fusion of technologies and years of development, resulting in its proprietary systems and solutions that are focused on securing mobile assets and managing the auto loan portfolios of auto dealerships credit unions and financial institutions.

In recent years, Sekurus® has been actively developing a diversified global strategy, and has won impressive achievements: also achieved a great progress in asset re-organization, with the sales record increasing consistently, Sekurus® is continually investing in its R&D.

Our technology encompasses the use of nine (9) patents and two (2) patent pending related to risk management for automobile loans such as starter interrupt systems, anti-tamper systems, GPS tracking technology and installation processes associated with more efficient collections, enhanced portfolio performance and greater yield for our clients.

Sekurus asset protection systems secure the multi-million inventories of automotive dealerships, their insurance companies and their floor planning financial institutions. Consumers use Sekurus anti-theft devices to secure their second largest family investment after their homes—their cars.

Sekurus® has been actively developing asset management businesses by renovating loan portfolios and other asset through market levers. The company is mainly involved in asset and equity transaction, asset management, fleet management, creative industries, financial investment and other related businesses, and has a professional platform for asset management and capitalization. The company emphasizes on building a team of professional talented high-quality team members.

Sekurus®is committed to delivering differentiated value to customers and partners through its unique product and service offerings, while closely mapping products and solutions to its customers’ needs and priorities-such as asset securitization, productivity, cost savings and return on investment.