In US, electronic repo device stalls cars of late payers

California-based Sekurus has equipped a quarter of a million cars with its "On Time" automatic repossession device, which flashes coloured warning lights to the driver of a car bought on tick as loan payment day approaches.The light is green when you're good; when your payment is due it turns yellow," explained Mike Simon, chief executive of Sekurus


Payment Protection Systems Merges With Sekurus

Sekurus' proprietary products and solutions are used to secure and manage the sub-prime auto loan portfolios of both buy-here-pay-here auto dealerships and financial institutions throughout the world. It is an international leader in providing asset protection, tracking and overall payment management. Sekurus, Inc. will be the name of the new company, while Mike Simon, president and CEO of Payment Protection Systems, will assume the same title and responsibilities.


About On Time

Sekurus has state of the art electronics manufacturing facilities in Temecua, California that produce the OnTime units plus many other asset protection devices. The devices are put through rigorous test regimes before they are passed for general sale.Sekurus designs and manufactures their products from conception to completion. The company has a reputation for excellence and sets the standard for both products and services.


Company Overview of Sekurus, Inc.

Sekurus, Inc., a capital asset protection, tracking, and management company, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and licenses systems and solutions to secure and manage the sub-prime auto loan portfolios of buy-here-pay-here auto dealerships and financial institutions in North America and internationally. It offers products and systems in wireless and on-board technologies for payment and collection industries. The company’s products.


Sekurus OnTime: Firm Trying to Determine If it Can Remain Viable

Sekurus OnTime markets a proprietary code-based, starter-interrupt device used by buy here-pay here dealers and many subprime finance companies in getting timely payments from their customers. OnTime also marketed a product, iLocate, which offered its customers a GPS location system in addition to the starter-interrupt product. The iLocate product used wholesale services from PROCON, Inc.


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