Late on a Car Loan? Meet the Disabler

Jamie De Lisle's Buick had been warning her for days, first with a flashing yellow light, then a flashing red light. But the 31-year-old mother of two from Collinsville, Ill., was too busy to heed the distress signals. It was only when Mrs. De Lisle began hearing an incessant beeping that she took notice: If she didn't make her car payment that day, the vehicle wouldn't start the next day.


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Shut-off device monitors buyers with bad credit.Sawyers, Arlena // Automotive News; 3/9/2009, Vol. 83 Issue 6350, p32 The article presents information on the On Time starter-interrupt system manufactured by Sekurus Inc. The electronic system prevents a vehicle from starting if the owner has missed a payment. Sekurus Inc. says dealers who use the device cut their repossession rate for used cars and trucks bought.


On Time Device Disables Your Ride If You Don’t Make Your Car Payments

A company called Sekurus has developed a device called the On Time which will actually force a new car owner to make their scheduled payments or face the risk of the vehicle not starting. The devices run about $250 and are typically installed by car dealerships or finance companies who cater to buyers who don’t have the most exemplary of credit histories.


Credit Unions Are Warming Up to Auto Starter-Interruption Devices

At least that's the philosophy behind a starter-interruption device that has been developed over the past decade. The devices, designed to encourage consumers to stay on top of their auto loan payments, will stop consumers' vehicles from starting if they are late on their loan payment.


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