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Sekurus Competencies will help you define your level of expertise in a range of solution areas that clearly map to our mutual customers’ needs. Sekurus™ will make it easier for you to position you’re Asset Management -based capabilities to customers looking for a specific solution. In a competitive world it is vital to separate yourself from the pack. Differentiate your business by demonstrating your proven experience. Sekurus™ gives you the opportunity to showcase your advanced skills to customers while providing your organization much-needed visibility in a crowded marketplace. Sekurus allows your organization access to a diverse array of exclusive benefits. From a unique Competency brand to a dedicated online ResourceCenter providing premier content and tools, these targeted benefits support your core business focus and help you improve your market impact and reach. Forging a network of business partners isn’t always easy. Becoming Sekurus™ Partner easily helps you expand business opportunities through enhanced partner-to-partner connections as you build relationships with other Asset Management partners.

Aggregation, Simplification, Ease of Operation — Empowered by the innovative Sekurus’s Architecture, thru it working as an MVNO or supporting an MVNO is positioned to offer enhanced multi-carrier service offerings, handle customer service & billing, and optimize network utilization while delivering proactive asset management, tracking and a host of applications – simplifying the often complex connected anywhere, anytime world.Working closely with the leading global MVNOs, Sekurus’s partners deliver connectivity globally, enhancing the delivery of information from thousands of devices across the enterprise. Whether through a cloud computing model, connectivity designed for mobile computing, or the most empowered enterprise, the world’s Mobile Virtual Network Operators deliver the support services that bring it all together.Connecting non-networked devices, delivering the value of knowing where your assets are and what they are doing, or simply improving performance through machine-to-machine (M2M) interaction, the MVNO ties the world’s innovations together. Aligning Sekurus Architecture with today’s visionaries to create and deliver the Connected Anywhere, Anytime enterprise means connecting with the global leaders in business and technology.


Driver behavior analysis:-

the unit is capable of detecting sudden speed or course changes, configurable separately in four speed ranges. When such an event occurs, the unit can create an event or series of events as frequent as 1 per second.

Driver identification:-

each driver is equipped with an individual programmable Dallas key, enabling driver identification and full driver activity logging in the control center database. The unit can be configured to activate a reminder signal for drivers who forget to identify themselves.

Real time tracking:-

for continuous tracking of the vehicle, the system transmits constant location and status information to the control center at predefined elapsed time or driving distance intervals.

Real Time Alerts:-

in the event that any of the vehicle’s security inputs are activated, the unit immediately transmits a real time alert to the control center. Each alert transmission includes detailed location information, transmission reason, I/O status and power voltage indication (main and back-up).

Status request:-

at any time, the operator can request an immediate status and location report from the unit.


With an industry-leading reputation deeply rooted in success, innovation and experience that spans the globe, Sekurus’s technology ensures easy design, installation and operation.Intelligent devices masterfully deployed and managed – result in intelligent solutions – enabling the innovation that solves today’s business challenges. Sekurus has shaped the future of many solutions with technology for feature-rich Smartphones, to tracking devices, consumer electronics to custom devices for a myriad of commercial markets around the globe. With their stability, reliability and unprecedented performance, Sekurus’s innovative embedded and integrated products have allowed customers to reduce their time-to-market and provide robust and unique solutions across a large array of market-based solutions.Through the robust Sekurus’s Communications and Management platform, devices can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely, most anywhere in the world. Coupled with the Sekurus’s Services Architecture, Sekurus delivers a flexible, modular architecture for fast wireless asset management, solutions development and deployment. But it’s far more than just hardware, it’s the Sekurus’s Architecture, coupled with a unique ability to understand device and network interaction that accelerates your ability to integrate many high-value features quickly and reliably, bringing you ever closer to the Connected,