Our revolutionary GPS technology solution helps increase profit-per-vehicle while providing dealers Dynamic Inventory Management. Dealers improve Consumer Satisfaction scores by offering customers a high-tech, high-value product in their finance department. When car buyers purchase this system, they will appreciate the safety it affords their family along with the security only a state-of-the-art stolen vehicle recovery system can offer. Consumers can locate their vehicle right from their smartphone and receive low battery, speed and perimeter alerts via text message or email.

According To A National Study, Lot Management Continues To Be An Issue For Dealers


Is the number of dealers having a vehicle stolen off their dealership in the past year.


Of dealers have experienced an inability to locate a
vehicle so that their customer can take a test drive.


Of dealers have encountered a dead battery when
attempting to take a customer on a test drive.

When the Sekurus GPS System is installed in the cars on a dealer’s lot, the software platform allows salesmen and other dealership personnel the ability to instantly locate vehicles by stock number or VIN, right from their smartphone. In addition to providing efficacy-creating analytical tools and reports, and with the simplified OBDII plug and play installation and the Sekurus GPS Installers App, a device install can be completed in minutes.

Reading all vehicle data including VIN and Mileage can be done with few clicks adding to your inventory.

Disable all vehicles on a preset schedule or individually at the end of business day and enable all vehicles a preset schedule the next day.

Key and test drive management limit the use of the vehicle by using advanced RFID technology.

Geo-fences can be created to form a virtual wall around your dealership and the Sekurus GPS system sends an instant alert if taken beyond defined boundaries. If it has been stolen and the thieves are on the run, our App with real-time tracking makes it possible for the dealers staff to tell the police their vehicle location.


Dealer Benefits:

  • High-margin, high-value F&I product
  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Perimeter, low battery and speeding alerts
  • Instantly locate vehicles by stock number, VIN, make, or model
  • Read VIN, Mileage and other vehicle information remotely
  •  Plug and Play – OBD installation
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Wireless Anti-Tamper Relay.

Consumer Benefits:

  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Live-tracking 24/7
  • Perimeter, low battery and speeding alerts
  • Safety and security for family members
  • Locate from any mobile device
  •  Potential insurance discounts
  • Manage vehicle diagnostic information
  • Service and maintenance alerts
  • Request vehicle repairs with quotes based on error codes
  • Clear diagnostic trouble codes

Why Sekurus GPS Is Better

Sekurus GPS  is an active device and the system is constantly monitoring the vehicle. Owners are notified the moment the vehicle is stolen. With other products, it might be hours later before you realize you are the victim of a theft. Why give the thieves a head start?

While some provider’s coverage is limited, Sekurus GPS devices come equipped with a state of the art communication coverage that not only works on a country level but with nearly seamless coverage across 400 mobile networks in more than 195 countries

Sekurus Application Login Can Be Embedded Right On The Dealership’s Website

Sekurus Platform Embedded on a Dealer’s Website

Customers will return and see current sales, service and lease specials increasing customer retention. This is a simple, yet effective way to drive customers back to your website. It is designed to help add traffic to the dealers website and keep the customer loyal to the dealer, but mostly allows the dealer an additional marketing opportunity. We also provide web banners on our mobile App so the customer is seeing the dealers message on their mobile devices.

Sekurus creates innovative software solutions integrated with its proprietary hardware and firmware to help businesses use robust data analytic tools to monitor, protect and optimize mobile assets in an increasingly M2M machine-to-machine world. Sekurus serves many markets including vehicle finance, fleet management, mobile asset tracking, automobile dealerships, power-sports and personal safety.

Sekurus GPS  devices come equipped with a state of the art communication coverage that does not only work on a country level but with near seamless coverage across 400 mobile networks in more than 195 countries.