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Sekurus International’s SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions provides the means for car rental and leasing companies in solving bad credit problems by making it possible for a vehicle buyer to rent/lease a car, truck or any other vehicle even though the customer has a history of slow payment.

Sekurus delivers:

SekurPay® Finance Solutions has a variety of solutions designed to fit the needs of any franchise dealership, independent dealership or finance company whose goal is to protect their assets. Through the proven SekurPay® payment protection device, the solution assists the vehicle owner in changing their payment behavior.

The feature-rich SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions offers vehicle rental and leasing companies optimum solutions, lowest cost tracking, easy installation and limitless functionality. SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions offers advanced AVL capabilities together with excellent reporting and logging capabilities.

The SekurPay® units are installed into vehicles for the term of a rental or lease period.

SekurPay® reminds the vehicle operator when payments are due or it will allow the disabling of the vehicle if the rental payments are not made on time.

The SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions can empower the organization to disable the vehicle if a payment has not been made by the lease/rental expiry date. The code is received by SekurPay® and the vehicle is disabled. If the vehicle is disabled then SekurPay® provides the facility to locate the whereabouts of the vehicle where recovery is required.

The SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions payment protection and location functionalities allow the organization to remain in control where lease/rental agreements become delinquent.


Providing a wide range of solutions, Sekurus International SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions address several of the industries most recognized needs.

  • GPS sensor – A 12 channel GPS sensor is integrated with the antenna for improved reception sensitivity ensuring efficient and accurate vehicle location.
  • The GPS sensor is connected to the device via a serial port ensuring covert installation. Data terminal and hands-free compatibility – The device is capable of forwarding data from its serial port to the remote application or mobile phone and vice versa. This allows messaging between the organization (or private individual) and the driver using a PDA or a data terminal such as the MDT.
  • Vehicle location – This feature is organization driven and may be set to automatically advise the SekurPay® application or may be set to be passive. Such triggers are returned to the application to notify that vehicle recovery is required.
  • Gradual Motor Arrest. SekurPay® allows the vehicle to be disabled or enabled remotely via the application. This allows the organization to remain in control of their asset.. The solution performs a Gradual Motor Arrest that allows the organization (or private individual) to send a code to gradually decelerate the vehicle until it comes to a full stop.
  • Covert Installation – The device is small in size and allows it to be installed deep inside the interior of the vehicle thus avoiding detection and tampering. Tampering-
  • SekurPay® includes two backup batteries that will automatically engage in cases where the vehicle battery becomes inactive or is removed. This back-up power feature ensures that the device remains fully operational independent of vehicle battery status.
  • SekurPay® The system allows the organization to automatically send the parameter triggers to SekurPay® device therefore provides the benefit of a wireless management process that eliminates customer intervention. All the device’s options are fully configurable and upgradeable through communication with the control centre application.
  • SekurPay® proactively reminds the customer that payment is due prior to the payment due date being reached. The reminder period is a configurable item set at the organization’ s discretion.
  • Payments can be scheduled for any day, or can allow payment changes without re-programming the device. SekurPay® allows changes, for example, from weekly to monthly and back again. Allows payment changes from, for example, Fridays to Mondays. SekurPay® allows the skipping of a payment and adding one later.
  • Any missed payment does not need to be sent to the SekurPay® device. SekurPay® accepts triggered payment codes for up to 31 days ahead.
  • The Emergency code allowance is triggered by the customer via the panic button. A command is sent to the control centre application and an emergency code is released and returned to the device automatically. The organization may reduce the number of Grace Days to compensate if they suspect abuse. Benefits Practical, Achievable and Tangible Benefits.


Practical, Achievable and Tangible Benefits

Main Financial Gains:

  • Possible lower rental/leasing deposits.
  • More approvals.
  • Possible longer terms.
  • Lower monthly payment and the potential offer of higher quality vehicles.
  • Lower delinquencies.
  • Drastically reduces stolen vehicles.
  • Dramatically reduces 1st payment defaults.
  • Reduces write offs.
  • Drastically reduces repossessions Improves cash flow.
  • Reduces collection/recovery efforts.
  • Increases referrals.
  • Enhances name recognition.

Car Rental/Leasing organizations can make use of the Sekurus International SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions functionality in a wide range of ways including the following:

SekurPay® allows the company to accept partial payments and release codes for proportionate periods. Thus in cases where a client wishes to pay half of the scheduled installment it is possible to release a code which would enable the vehicle for half of the payment cycle.

SekurPay® makes it possible to change a number of contract parameters without reprogramming the device. It also facilitates the extension of an existing contract or creation of a sub contract without reprogramming the device, thus eliminating the need for additional codes. SekurPay® allows changes to the following without reprogramming:

  • Number of installments
  • Installment date
  • Amount of Installment

SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions provide a wide range of rental/leasing management solutions including:

  • automatic vehicle location
  • mapping
  • reporting
  • vehicle maintenance
  • driver status
  • in-vehicle telemetry
  • messaging
  • in-vehicle navigation
  • wireless application

The solutions bring together every piece of critical management data, delivering it to back office staff, and enabling better informed decisions and increasing business process and efficiency.

Offered in real-time, high availability option connectivity, the SekurPay® Car Rental Solutions deliver the functionality you need to address your business\’ specific needs.

SekurPay® application has the ability to remotely turn the engine on or off. This feature can be automated with a set time and date or activated by the organization via the SekurPay® application in the event of lease/rental Agreement delinquency or vehicle theft thus facilitating vehicle recovery via the location facility. SekurPay® offers a roadside assistance facility to be initiated when the driver has an accident or some other type of breakdown with their vehicle. SekurPay® will send the alert to the service provider who will locate the vehicle and communicate directly with the customer in order to identify the nature of the required assistance. It can be contracted by insurance companies, automobile makers, or trucks, and rental/leasing car companies. SekurPay® offers assistance to drivers in the event that they become lost or are unsure of directions. By pressing the panic button, the driver initiates the sending of an alert to the control centre/roadside assistance service provider. The vehicle is then located and an audio communication is undertaken between the control centre/service provider and the driver where directional instructions are conveyed.

SekurPay® detects Driver Behavior Analysis. The device is capable of detecting sudden speed or course changes and the event is relayed back to the control centre application. SekurPay®-GPS performs real-time tracking. The device transmits constant location, status and driving distance intervals information to the control centre. This allows the organisation to maintain control over those vehicles that have been geo-fenced via the application. If any such vehicle crosses a pre-defined geo-fence then the device will alert the control centre and appropriate action may be carried out such as, informing the driver directly or vehicle arrest.