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Cold Chain Management

You have a complete overview of all recorded temperatures using the Sekurus web-application. Quickly find the temperatures you need and generate nice reports in PDF or Excel format. Within the application you can enjoy clear temperature graphs.

Temperature monitoring

Keep track of temperatures.

Sekurus knows keeping track of temperatures can be essential for many types of transport. So we have built-in support for temperature monitoring on our platform. The tracking device utilizes temperature sensors to constantly monitor the temperature and send out this information. Within Sekurus’s web-application you can view actual and historical temperature information. You can even setup alarms so you will get notified when the temperature reaches the thresholds you defined. The Sekurus platform supports multiple temperature sensors for each object. So even for large transports we have everything covered.

Track and Trace

Live control over your fleet.

Track and trace Where are your employees? What is the current location of a certain transport? Using the Sekurus platform and its beautifully handcrafted web-application you have complete control over your fleet. View the locations of all your vehicles on the map. And find out where everyone’s has been using the history module. Thanks to track and trace you never lose track of loads, employees and vehicles.

Customized solutions:-

Sekurus’s custom-built solutions can easily include factors such as temperature logging and flashing lights. An added advantage is that Sekurus gives you up to date information about traffic situations: traffic jams and road works are displayed on the map.


The Sekurus application feels as if it is a real desktop application, despite being web-based. The work environment is structured using logical tabs and windows. The response is super-fast as much of the application can be handled by the client.


  • Never again manually keep track of time.
  • Never again manually keep track of time. Using the Sekurus platform, time tracking never takes much time!.
  • The Sekurus platform automatically registers several types of time: driving durations, visit times and working hours. All these logged time records can be viewed online in the Sekurus web-application. You can also export them to great looking reports in PDF and Excel format.
  • Save a lot of time on the collecting and processing of time registrations. You and your employees no longer need to keep track of time on paper. Everything is done online automatically, without even thinking about it. Prevent mistakes and enjoy an effortless and 100% correct time registration.