The SekurPay GPS payment protection solution is a flexible, legal payment protection solution that uses telematics technology to turn credit challenged prospects into paying customers. SekurPay reminds the vehicle operator when payments are due or it will disable the vehicle if the loan or lease payments are not made.

SekurPay GPS is the most economical and powerful Payment Protection Solution and stand-alone mobile tracking device available today using telematics technology. Telematics is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunication technologies with the goal of efficiently conveying information over vast networks to improve a host of business functions. Utilizing GSM/GPRS, TCP & UDP IP and CSD communication together with GPS technology, SekurPay provides comprehensive payment protection and asset security.

SekurPay units are installed into vehicles for the term of the loan. The solution allows the loan financer to locate and recover the vehicle in the event of delinquency or theft.

Finance Organizations Can Use SekurPay® For Their Finance Solutions

The SekurPay® application has the ability to remotely turn the engine on or off. This feature can be automated with a set time and date in the event of delinquency or vehicle theft.

It can be contracted by the Financiers Insurance department or external Insurance companies. SekurPay® offers the financing company the opportunity to negotiate lower vehicle insurance premiums on the loaned vehicle.

Main Financial Gains

  • Possible lower down payments
  • More approved loans
  • Possible longer terms
  • Lower monthly payment and the potential offer of higher quality vehicles
  • Lower delinquencies
  • Frees more cash for capital purchases
  • Drastically reduces stolen vehicles
  • Increases sales at all levels
  • Considerable lower interest loans when applicable
  • Drastically reduces repossessions & increase redemption
  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces collection efforts
  • Easier Management of collections