Sekurus pioneered resilient, high-speed, reliable end-point connectivity solutions for the transportation marketplace. Whether you’re traveling the open road, meeting an on-time delivery or watching your child drive off to school, Sekurus’s innovation empowers you over the highway, on the rail and most anywhere, anytime. Driven by the N4A Services Architecture, Sekurus delivers fast wireless asset tracking solutions.

Over the road fleet operators benefit from our intelligent mobile tracking devices that feature superior performance in a small package for ultimate flexibility. The Pay as you go insurance Pay as you drive, auto financing/leasing and Buy Here Pay Here markets leverage the latest in Place N Trace vehicle tracking devices with advanced features for motion, acceleration and theft recovery.

Real-time Location Services

With real-time location services Sekurus and its strategic partners deliver the data for better decision-making, improving your performance in your connected supply chain. The Sekurus N4A intelligent devices help you keep a watchful eye on your most precious assets, in transit, remotely.

With the Sekurus Communications and Management platform, our devices can be monitored and reconfigured remotely, most anywhere in the world.

Connected Transportation Anywhere, Anytime.