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Sekurus International SekurTrack® Government Solutions provides the means for dispatchers to accurately know where their vehicles are at any time, the ability to monitor routes from start to finish and the opportunity to correct obstacles to productivity and efficiency.

The solutions bring together every piece of critical fleet data, delivering it to back office staff, and enabling better informed decisions and collaboration with the fleet-based workforce increasing business process and efficiency.


Offered in real-time, high availability option connectivity, the SekurTrack® Government Solutions deliver the functionality you need to address your business’ specific needs.

High Availability :

Vehicle location information is transmitted from the vehicle to the SekurTrack® Servers every five minutes (by default), however, this rate can be configured to meet customer requirements. Additionally, location information can be transmitted to the servers using turn-based reporting and Geo-fencing technologies.


SekurTrack® Government Solutions provide a wide range of fleet management solutions including:

  • automatic vehicle location
  • mapping
  • reporting
  • vehicle maintenance
  • driver status
  • in-vehicle telemetry
  • messaging
  • in-vehicle navigation
  • wireless application

Providing a wide range of solutions, Sekurus International SekurTrack® Government Solutions address several of the industries most recognized needs.

Telematics and Tracking Solutions:

The SekurTrack® Government Solutions allow Fleet Managers the ability to monitor and control vehicles remotely using Telematics.

Information such as power take off activation, bin lift activation or panic button activation is transmitted to the SekurTrack® portal for viewing, reporting or alerting.

Common telematics inputs include: Headlights

  • Indicator signals
  • bin counter
  • power take-off activation
    Common telematics outputs (where functions are controlled by Dispatch personnel) include: Siren
  • Audible alarm
  • remote engine disabling
  • fuel pump shutdown

The SekurTrack® Government Solutions also provide the ability to show vehicle history and corresponding telematics events in a report format. For example monitoring the brushes on a street -sweeper. Every time the brush is lowered, information will be captured and the streets being cleaned can be tracked through the telematics reports.

Additionally, Road Traffic departments can monitor (via the Geo fencing facility) when a vehicle has passed a toll gate. This would reduce the volume of complaints received by the Police from Rental Car companies where unpaid toll fees have become the liability of the company.

Lone Worker Panic Buttons:

The SekurTrack® Government Solutions provide a number of worker safety features designed to address lone worker legislation.

When Panic buttons are activated, an automatic alert is sent to personnel through email, SMS or an XML interface to a back office dispatch application.

Remote panic buttons allow personnel to send an alert from the vehicle. When the panic button is activated, the vehicle horn could also be activated providing local visibility in addition to a remote notification.

Worker Safety Check System:

The safety check system is designed to enhance the safety of workers working in isolation 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks and utilizes the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) offered by Sekurus International®. The system serves this purpose by requiring the worker to check-in regularly while they are on duty. If a checkpoint is missed, a periodic audible alert will sound to remind the worker. If the worker is down or the alert is not acted upon within a certain time, notification will be sent via a predetermined reporting structure.


By utilizing the MDT, the SekurTrack® Government Solutions enable drivers to login to their vehicle system. In addition, the Sekurus International® Locators can be configured to disable the Vehicle Starter unless the driver has provided the correct means of authentication. Login and authentication can take place through a card swipe, key fob or username and password.

SekurTrack® offers the following functionality:

  • mapping
  • Command Center/Activity Reports
  • Messaging and Paperless Reporting
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Landmark Reporting
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Back-end Integration
  • Telematics
  • Security
  • Back end integration



Practical, Achievable and Tangible Benefits :

  • Automatically produce accurate time-on-site reports
  • Reduce time spent on administering vehicle maintenance
  • Improve vehicle safety and security
  • Greater control of expenditures
  • Reduce levels of road traffic offences

Government organizations can make use of the SekurTrack® Government Solutions functionality in a wide range of ways including the following:

  • Security through constant communication with your drivers (as well as in-cab driver authorization)
  • Accurate Monitoring of where your drivers are and work they’ve completed for up-to-date reporting to constituents in the case of obstruction removal, notification of where the bus is for transit commuters or which tow truck is the closest to an obstruction.
  • Protect Employees through lone-worker functionality designed to provide an additional layer of safety for those who work on their own or in remote locations.
  • Efficiency through smarter use of resources thus reducing wastage and unproductive time
  • Increased productivity by addressing and resolving issues, particularly in rural areas (in the case of road repairs).

Increased Legislative controls relating to road traffic laws. By reducing delinquency rates for both annual vehicle re-registration and traffic violation fines, government departments can reduce collections and administration costs and increase revenue. Some of the benefits to be gained by Road Traffic departments are:Reduction in court cases

  • Reduction in staffing levels
  • Improved control over drivers who fail to re-register their vehicles
  • Reduction in monitoring un-registered vehicles and associated costs.
  • Increased road safety by ensuring vehicles are road worthy