Sekurus: Ideal Business Model

Sekurus delivers services, provides updates, security, and capacity, backup and makes sure the platform is available. Sekurus relieves you as a partner and ensures that you can concentrate on your customers and save a lot of money in the process.

Utilize Multiple Income Streams

As a partner you can take advantage of multiple income streams. The unique and independent Sekurus partner model allows you to generate revenue by selling hardware, setting up your own monthly subscriptions, mobile network usage and the installation of tracking devices. Additionally your support services can be priced as you seem fit. Determine your own margin of profit, a unique freedom in the tracking business.

Always Up-To-Date

You can forget about investing in maintenance and updates. The Sekurus developer teams ensure 24hr availability of your tracking application. Moreover, Sekurus is working hard to bring improved and many new features so your customers can get in control of their vehicles even more easily.

A Success Story

Sekurus has teamed up with some of the global tracking service providers. These business partners are using Sekurus white label services to satisfy their customers. Each partner has their own vision on how to implement track and trace services in day-to-day situations. An ever expanding group of enthusiastic end users rely on the Sekurus platform.

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Save Money

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