Your freedom, your choices. Sekurus's partners enjoy unique freedoms.

Your choice

Being a Sekurus business partner enables you to work in complete freedom: you pick the hardware devices you want to sell. You can also pick the map providers you want to work with. And you have absolute freedom in choosing your own mobile data network. The Sekurus platform is built with these freedoms in mind. As a business-partner you are ready to serve your customers the way you want it. Anywhere and everywhere, the Sekurus system has worldwide coverage.

Take Control

You run your company the way you want it. So you also sell products the way you want them to sell. Thanks to the flexible design of the Sekurus platform an almost endless number of combinations of basic ingredients is possible. You decide for yourself on what to do with hardware, maps and mobile service providers. You are able to create a package that best suits the needs of your customers and gets you the best profit margin.

 Your Choice

 Hardware - What Tracking Hardware Devices Will I Use?

Maps - What type of map layers to my customers need?

 Mobile Networks - Who Is The Best Mobile Operator For My Needs?

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