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Personal Automotive Solution

SekurTrack®’s Personal Automotive Solution provides an easy-to-use GPS-based location and Telematics solution for customers to manage and take control of their vehicles. With a wide range of features, including automatic vehicle location, mapping, reporting, and vehicle maintenance, SekurTrack®’s Personal Automotive Solution delivers many benefits across the personal automotive industry including drivers, insurance companies, automotive manufacturers, the aftermarket and resellers.

Real-time GPS tracking provides an accurate record of distance driven and journey history. A complete record of vehicle use as well as an instant snapshot of the vehicle’s speed and location is easily accessible using a web browser.


With comprehensive vehicle diagnostic reports, the driver is notified when it’s time to schedule the next service appointment, receive accurate emissions measurements, remotely lock/unlock doors, and be warned of other maintenance and performance issues.

Currently, when you drive home from work, you would wonder which road to take. You could be asking yourself, “Will that road be congested?” Sometimes this could be stressful because you may have an appointment you can’t afford to miss. In short, you would want one day where you could obtain real time traffic information right inside your very own vehicle. Radio updates are not real time.

Apart from traffic, there are many people who need clear road directions to places they seldom visit. So, instead of calling tens of friends for road directions, surely you’d want to have a system in your car that allows you efficient navigation services. That way, you’d never get lost.

Roads aside. There is a serious lack of real time alerts concerning road safety issues and integrated vehicle security services. There should be alerts whenever you drive above the speed limit in order to avoid unwanted accidents. And what if your vehicle gets stolen? Surely you would want your car to be tracked and returned to you.


Providing a wide range of functionality, Sekurus International SekurTrack® Personal Automotive Solutions address several of the industries most recognized needs.

Early Warning processes:

In the event of a triggered car alarm, SekurTrack® will automatically alert your chosen Service Provider of the incident. Within minutes, an SMS alert should be sent to the car owner whilst the Customer Support Center should attempt to contact the car owner for verification.

Apart from triggered car alarms, SekurTrack® will also send early warning alerts in the event of pressed Panic button, Tow-Away, Cross Country Geo-Fencing Violation (vehicle moving toward neighboring countries), Vehicle Battery Tempering, SekurTrack® tampering.

Lone Worker Panic Buttons:

The SekurTrack® Government Solutions provide a number of worker safety features designed to address lone worker legislation.

When Panic buttons are activated, an automatic alert is sent to personnel through email, SMS or an XML interface to a back office dispatch application.

Remote panic buttons allow personnel to send an alert from the vehicle. When the panic button is activated, the vehicle horn could also be activated providing local visibility in addition to a remote notification.

Driver Recognition:

When SekurTrack® detects unauthorized (without valid Driver ID) Vehicle Ignition or Hotwiring, it will automatically initiate immobilization while alerting your Service Provider. Hence, the car owner can be rest assured that immobilization can not be fail even when the professional thief tries to disconnect GSM or/and GPS antenna or use

  • Real Time Location and Tracking – Your SekurTrack® application can locate and track you vehicle thus serving the owner with protection of family members who may be driving the vehicle and also protects your personal asset in the event of theft.
  • Real Time Traffic Inquiry Service – Auto connect to your Service Provider via a click of a button. This serves as a roadside assistance in the event of traffic congestion, breakdown or lost directions.
  • Display Historical Journey via digital mapping and/or Google Earth – Owner can access journey report via SekurTrack® application. Detailed history is available indicating the whereabouts of the vehicle at a given point in time, the vehicle status, speed etc.
  • Maintenance Reminder Alert – In answering most Government Road Safety Campaigns, SekurTrack® will automatically send SMS reminders to Owner when vehicle maintenance is due.
  • Speed Violation Alert –SMS alerts will be sent to Owner when he/she is exceeding the speed limit of 110km/h.
  • Fuel Consumption Report – Owner can monitor his/her fuel usage via SekurTrack® application reports

Worker Safety Check System:

The safety check system is designed to enhance the safety of workers working in isolation 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks and utilizes the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) offered by Sekurus International®. The system serves this purpose by requiring the worker to check-in regularly while they are on duty. If a checkpoint is missed, a periodic audible alert will sound to remind the worker. If the worker is down or the alert is not acted upon within a certain time, notification will be sent via a predetermined reporting structure.


By utilizing the MDT, the SekurTrack® Government Solutions enable drivers to login to their vehicle system. In addition, the Sekurus International® Locators can be configured to disable the Vehicle Starter unless the driver has provided the correct means of authentication. Login and authentication can take place through a card swipe, key fob or username and password.

SekurTrack® offers the following functionality:

  • Mapping
  • Command Center/Activity Reports
  • Messaging and Paperless Reporting
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Landmark Reporting
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Back-end Integration
  • Telematics
  • Security
  • Back end integration


Practical, Achievable and Tangible Benefits

  • SekurTrack® device will send an alert to the application when the driver pushes the panic button in the vehicle (Optional). In addition, SekurTrack® offers the driver the ability to call a predefined emergency number when pressing the button.
  • SekurTrack® application has the ability to remotely turn the engine on or off. This feature can be activated by the customer via the SekurTrack® application in the event of vehicle theft.
  • SekurTrack® performs real-time tracking (optional). The device transmits constant location, status and driving distance intervals information to the application.
  • SekurTrack®device will send a request for roadside assistance to the application when the driver pushes a pre-programmed button in the vehicle.
  • SekurTrack® offers the customer the facility to request an immediate status and location report from the device.
  • SekurTrack® can continually transmit vehicle status events to the customer’s web application at pre-defined intervals when GPRS coverage is available.

Safety and Security alerts

SMS Alerts of early warning in relation to the unlawful get away of the car such as:

  • Car Alarm Triggered
  • Panic button pressed
  • Unauthorized (without valid Driver ID) Vehicle Ignition.
  • Hotwiring.
  • Tow-Away.
  • Cross Country Geo-Fencing Violation (vehicle moving toward neighbouring countries)
  • Vehicle Battery Tempering.
  • Anti-Car Theft device, SekurTrack® Tampering.
  • Or any tampering of SekurTrack® wiring.