SekurPay® units are installed into vehicles for the term of a rental or lease period. It reminds the vehicle operator when payments are due or it will allow the disabling of the vehicle if the rental/leasing payments are not made on time.

The SekurPay®  car rental solutions empowers the company to disable the vehicle if a payment has not been made by the lease/rental expiry date. The code is received by SekurPay and the vehicle is disabled. If the vehicle is disabled then SekurPay will provide the facility to locate the vehicle location.

SekurPay car rental solutions payment protection and location functionalities allow the rental company to remain in control where lease/rental agreements become delinquent.

”The relevance of Sekurus International’s ar Rental Solutions has been proven in many global markets,” said Sekurus International’s CEO Basel Al Salah. SekurPay provides the rental company with peace of mind with the knowledge that not only are their payments guaranteed but their asset it fully protected” he added.  Our solution provides the added benefits of automatically detecting vehicle abuse and monitoring the vehicle as it passes through a toll gate which allows the company to easily manage any toll gate charges in a proactive manner thereby avoiding customer confrontation. The system also offers roadside assistance facilities to the customer whereby the company can provide an enhanced customer service in the event of breakdown.