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Save On Software Development

Since Sekurus provides you with a stable tracking platform you no longer need to invest in software development. The complete tracking platform with both the invisible part that processes the tracking data as well as the end-user web-application has already been developed. The latest generation of the Sekurus platform serves as a benchmark in the tracking industry. The unique scalability combined with endless white label capabilities makes it the ideal base for your tracking business.

Save On Servers

There is no need to invest in servers and network infrastructure. Everything is running online already. Sekurus will keep everything online and accessible for you and your customers. You will save a lot of money on monthly operational costs.

Be Independent

Be independent and set your own margins of profit.

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IoT, M2M, SIM, OBDII, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPWM, ISO 9141-2, CAN, Keyword 2000, and J170S, OBD-II systems monitor the vehicle's electrical, mechanical, and emissions systems and generate data that are processed by a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) to detect malfunctions or deterioration in the vehicle's performance. The data typically include parameters such as vehicle speed (VSS), engine speed (RPM), engine load (LOAD), and mass air flow (MAF).