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Sekurit APIs


Using the Power of Information to Discover, Predict and Improve

SekurIT delivers vehicle security, Driver Behavior information, diagnostics & maintenance information in a straightforward and accessible platform. Quickly pinpoint issues uncover hidden problems and minimize risk.

Our SekurIT platform gives you relevant information and offers solutions, so you can make the right decisions.
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What it is

SekurIT delivers more than just a wealth of information; you get both the diagnosis and the cure, for a single vehicle or an entire fleet. It lets you see what’s wrong, gives a list of the right parts and repair cost and predicts future maintenance.

And not just that, SekurIT will also tell you if your problem is a known issue and may result in a free repair.


Reduce vehicle downtime.
Minimize Risk.
Uncover Hidden Trends.

Used Car Remarketers

Quickly see What’s Wrongs.
Get the Repair Cost.
Know the issues Not Listed in the Manuals.


Offer solutions, not data.
Platform Independent.
Easy to Integration and well documented.

Insurance Companies

Help customers prevent expensive repairs.
Improve communication touch point.
Offer unique services.

Our services are available for vehicles in North America (including Canada and Mexico) that are from 1996 or newer. Most of our services do not require any hardware installation or upgrades. The only one that does is our diagnostic services.

What you get

Software as a Service

No upsells or need for upgrades. You get it all, every month.

Vehicle Diagnostic & Maintenance Services

Quickly see what’s wrong and get a list of the right parts and repair costs.

Predict Vehicle Trouble

Get an alert on a possible vehicle issue before it happens with our predictive failure system.

Plugin Locations for Vehicles

SekurIT helps users locate their vehicle’s OBD2 plug in site with directions and images tailored for their vehicle’s make and model.

Built in Analytics

Get a bird’s-eye view of the data without diving too deep. Our service comes with built-in analytics to help uncover interesting information.

Warranties, Safety Recalls, and TSBs

All are included in the service and are available on demand. We’ve made it so you can organize, look up, and pull relevant TSBs and Safety Recalls easily.