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SekurIT® Get it Right the First Time Guarantee

SekurIT® Get it Right the First Time Guarantee

We stand behind our product and the diagnosis we give you, and we take data accuracy very seriously.

We are so confident that the SekurIT® OBD-II Health System will correctly tell you what is wrong with your car that if SekurIT ever gives you the wrong diagnosis, SekurIT will pay for your repairs for you, up to $100. The SekurIT® OBD-II Health System™ is built using the same technology that automotive technicians use to diagnose vehicle problems and has been rigorously tested and validated.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms. Sekurus will pay for your repairs (up to $100) as long as it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Product must be purchased directly from Only products ordered from Sekurus by phone or online from are covered under this guarantee.*
  • This guarantee covers the diagnosis only. Specifically, the fault codes provided by your vehicle.
  • The cure, or most likely fix for your vehicle, is not covered under this guarantee as the fix needed will vary from vehicle to vehicle. SekurIT provides the most likely fix for your vehicle based on nationwide data.
  • The SekurIT® Vehicle Health System™ must be plugged into a vehicle and linked to at least once to have a valid and true data comparison as to whether SekurIT did or did not provide the correct diagnosis.
  • To submit a claim: an affidavit must be provided by an ASE certified master technician (A-series) stating that in back to back tests the diagnostic tool used by the technician and the SekurIT® OBD-II Health System provided contradicting or inaccurate fault codes. Furthermore, the ASE master technician must be using a certified tool that is one of the top 20 tools sold in the aftermarket industry for diagnosing OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics second generation) vehicles. The tool used must be fully updated with the latest software for that tool available and referenced in the affidavit as well as the software version used. The technician’s name and ASE certification number must also be current and provided as a part of this claim. You must also attach your diagnostic
  • Report from the technician as well as the receipt for the repair work done to complete your claim.
  • All claims must be scanned and emailed to with the phrase Get It Right Guarantee on the subject line. If all information required above is not submitted the claim is not valid.
  • Only one claim can be submitted per each tool and must be submitted, by the person who purchased the tool only.