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Find, Locate & Chat With Your Teams & Friends

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Get Help With SekurMe Panic Alerts

Get help faster with SekurME Panic Alert Feature that alerts your Emergency Contacts and sends message to your Teams immediately with Protect membership.


Make Your Contacts, Teams & Connect Them With SekurMe

SekurMe brings your Teams, Family & Friends closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most in your circle.

One Membership For All Family Members

Price (Per App)

Normal Contacts upto 5

POI Unlimited

Team 1


Location Sharing with Contacts & Team Members

Smart Notifications

Chatting with Contacts

Group Chatting with Team Members

Emergency Contacts total 2

Identity Protection for social security number, credit cards, email, phone number & get alerts for any issue

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History of Contacts Locations


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Great for Families with Identity Protection



Perfect for Families with Identity Protection


Available On IOS And Android

SEKURME ID Early Warning System

Identity theft has become a crime of epidemic proportions. Over the last five years, this crime has impacted over 27 million Americans. Last year alone, identity theft affected an estimated 10 millions Americans resulting in losses of over $53 billion.

Don’t let yourself become a victim of this crime. If a thief assumes your identity, it can take about nine months to discover. Not to mention, it can take approximately 300 hours and up to 44 months to correct the associated problems.

Full Advocate Restoration Service

Restoration – Should you become a victim of identity theft, SEKURME 24/7/365 Identity Theft Response Center will answer your call for help and get you assigned to a dedicated FULL ADVOCATE SEKURME victim recovery expert to help get you back to pre-victim status. Through a limited power of attorney, our highly trained and certified recovery experts will do all the work to restore your identity. Sit back and lets us handle everything.