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SekurTrack OBD II Connect (SU080C)


SekurTrack OBDII Connect (SU080C) GPS/GPRS/GSM Vehicle tracker plug and play SU080C with OBD 2 connector without diagnostic function

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California, USA

Product information

  • Easy installation, plug-n-play.
  • OBDII, OBD2 standard connector
  • CE FCC E-mark Qualified
  • iOS & Android APP

How to find your OBDII Connector

Start by looking around the underside of your dashboard, below your steering wheel but above your gas and brake pedals. The diagram below will show you the general area to search.

Installing the OBDII-GPS

Once the OBDII connector has been located, all that is required is to plug the OBDII-GPS into the connector. Once you turn the ignition of the vehicle on, the small lights on the unit will blink. During your first installation, you will need to give the OBDII-GPS unit a minimum of 15 minutes fully initialize.

Vehicles Diagnostic System record function

  • Supports quad bands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz,universal.
  • Easy to install, connect the OBD interface to work.
  • Supports single positioning and feedbacks position via GPRS at setting times.
  • Supports vehicle positioning and tracking.
  • Vehicle status and speed from OBD data is better than ACC.Vehicle collision, alert by SMS/application(optional).

Environment of use

  • Limited working temperature:-20°C~80°C.
  • Storage temperature:-45°C~90°C.
  • Humidity :<95%
  • Make sure the terminal is installed in OBD2 interface of the vehicle.

Basic Specifications


Voltage  12VDC/24VDC

Standby Current  <10mA@12V

Work current  <40mA@12V

GPS positioning accuracy  15m

GSM positioning accuracy  100m

GPS Frequency  850/900/1800/1900MHz

Hot/warm/cold start time  <3s,<15s,<60s

Operating temperature  -20℃~70℃

Operating humidity  20%~80%RH

Net Weight  56 g