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Identity Restoration

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. With the introduction of our comprehensive identity theft package, you have the #1 full advocate service at your fingertips. SEKURME Protection Services gives you the power to protect your identity and your future.

Preserve And Protect Your Identity With SEKURME

Identity theft is defined as a crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another’s personal data for fraud, deception and typically, economic gain. As this problem reaches critical levels, we have made identity protection a key component of SEKURME. Our identity theft recovery service helps victims get their lives back together by providing a fully managed recovery service. Through a limited power of attorney, we assign to you a full advocate expert that will do the work for you.

Our Experts Do The Work To Fix Your Identity Theft Problem With Our Comprehensive Recovery Services.

Should you become a victim of identity theft, SEKURME identity restoration services helps save victims from the time consuming process typically required from, partial advocate services, to restore your stolen identity to pre-victim status. By handling the complete recovery process on your behalf, SEKURME can save you time, money as well as the hassle and headaches associated with clearing and restoring your identity.