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SekurTrack is the tracking solutions developed by Geo & Logic that deliver measurable business and operational benefit by providing total visibility and control of mobile assets in real time tracking with a combination of GPS/GPRS technology for fleet management purposes, vehicle tracking and personal tracking system.

Customized Solutions:

Sekurus’s custom-built solutions can easily include factors such as temperature logging and flashing lights. An added advantage is that Sekurus gives you up to date information about traffic situations: traffic jams and road works are displayed on the map. Their customers optimum solutions in coverage, lowest cost-tracking, easy installation and limitless functionality. SekurTrack® Fleet offers advanced AVL capabilities together with excellent reporting and logging capabilities, featuring:

  • Exceptionally small size.
  • Communication channel redundancy.
  • Integrated GPS technology.
  • Online event-driven reporting.
  • Full event data logging.
  • Data terminal and hands-free compatible.
  • Panic button.
  • OTA configurable.
  • OTA upgradeable.
  • Gradual motor arrest by remote command.
  • Multiple discrete I/O.
  • Tow detection.
  • Driver identification.
  • Built in Geofence support.
  • Accident detection.
  • Unique: Driver behavior analysis.