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Stolen Vehicle Recovery System with Early Warning

Early Warning  Theft Alert

Sekurit GPS early warning systems is activated if someone tries to enter your vehicle when vehicle is armed. WIth are built in advanced shock sensor technology we are  on guard 24/7.  If our shock sensor is activated due to theft activity  we send an early warning alert to you via our mobile app.The best early warning security on the market.


Sekurit connects you with your car

Connected Car

Our Connected Car technology is not a hopeful dream but a reality.

Key Benefits

Early Warning Tamper Alert

If someone is trying to break in to your car we will warn you via text messaging

Automatic Tracking

With early warning alerts we automatically arm tracking and interrupt starter or fuel systems.

Affordable Pricing

The best  technology combined with the best data plans on the market give your the best pricing around.

*SekurIT® unit activation is active in with coverage in all 50 States as well as Canada and Mexico. Active GPS updates daily and is ready to begin tracking. If your vehicle is stolen follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Call police and report Stolen Car
  2. Call our SVR hot line and give us your Stolen Police Report case #
  3. We will activate and provide police with location.