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Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Key benefits of the
SekurIT® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

Law Enforcement notification and tracking

We notify police and give them real time location

The Latest Tracking Technology

Completed coverage with our mobile partners ATT and T-Mobile

Affordable Pricing

One time purchase price, no monthly fees


Sekurit connects you with your car

Connected Car

Our Connected Car technology is not a hopeful dream but a reality.

How the SekurIT® Stolen Vehicle Recovery

System Works


Owner reports the theft to law enforcement, and calls Sekurit hot line to report stolen vehicle and get system activated


Sekurit system is activated and GPS tracking updates every 15 min


Law enforcement is sent a tracking link that allows them to track vehicle using their cell phones*

*SekurIT® unit activation is active in with coverage in all 50 States as well as Canada and Mexico. Active GPS updates daily and is ready to begin tracking. If your vehicle is stolen follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Call police and report Stolen Car
  2. Call our SVR hot line and give us your Stolen Police Report case #
  3. We will activate and provide police with location.