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Industry-Leading Vision, Unprecedented Execution, Extraordinary Results — Sekurus’s strategic and technology alliance partners deliver award-winning solutions globally by combining best-in-class products and services from industry-leading companies. Luminary companies align with leaders, and it’s always been said you are who you associate with. This is extremely important when it comes to your strategic partners. Today’s Fortune 1000 enterprises turn to industry leaders to solve difficult business problems. Creating profitable solutions and services through proven methodologies leads to successful customer engagements, and nothing is more important than a commitment to customer service and seamless execution. Whether you’re building an asset management platform, or updating wirelessly software, Sekurus has the partnerships to help you succeed. Whether you are delivering the latest in Automated Business Service Mapping elements or following machine-driven trigger points for audit, regulatory or other compliance requirements, Sekurus enhances its application service partners with a full spectrum of resources to assist in the development of the connected anywhere, anytime enterprise.Aligning Sekurus’s Architecture with today’s visionaries — for creating and delivering the Connected Anywhere, Anytime enterprise — means connecting with the global leaders in business and technology.

And here, like everywhere, Sekurus Delivers — Anywhere, Anytime

With an industry-leading

With an industry-leading reputation deeply rooted in success, innovation and experience that spans the globe, Sekurus’s technology ensures easy design, installation and operation. Intelligent devices masterfully deployed and managed – result in intelligent solutions – enabling the innovation that solves today’s business challenges.

Sekurus has shaped the future of many solutions with technology for feature-rich Smartphones, to tracking devices, consumer electronics to custom devices for a myriad of commercial markets around the globe. With their stability, reliability and unprecedented performance, Sekurus’s innovative embedded and integrated products have allowed customers to reduce their time-to-market and provide robust and unique solutions across a large array of market-based solutions. Connected AutomationWhether you’re connecting the latest data-enabled Smart Meter, concentrator or back-haul device, delivering connected automation to the factory floor, or empowering today’s global distribution network through effective data communications, Sekurus’s -based solutions provide the path for critical data transmission empowering today’s

Our Solutions

Intelligent end-point devices and embedded communications platforms ensure fast, reliable connectivity throughout the global infrastructure; efficiently delivering the operational and time-sensitive data necessary for smart business decisions.

Utilizing the world’s IP backbone, Sekurus’s distributed architecture places more intelligence in the end device, helping to reduce costs through the careful management of communications and airtime, delivering the data for better decision-making, and improving operational performance throughout your business.

Whether power and energy production, distribution or demand response – automation on the factory floor, or delivering criticFal data to ensure that our precious natural resources flow seamlessly to the service points of the world, companies of all sizes benefit from Sekurus’s intelligent Embedded and Integrated devices. Driven by the Sekurus’s Services Architecture, Sekurus delivers a flexible, modular architecture for fast wireless asset monitoring and reporting solutions development and deployment.

business decision support systems – anywhere, anytime.